Sunday, July 8, 2012

Book Review: Covenant Child ~ Terri Blackstock

Kara and Lizzie were born into a loving family and were referred to as the "Billion Dollar Babies" at birth.  While newspapers spread the news of the twins' birth, their father had already turned his back on the family fortune and married the love of his life.  A look into the past shares that their mother died while they were very young and the loving father is raising them on his own.

Amanda becomes the mother they dreamed of and when tragedy strikes, no one could imagine that custody would be put in the hands of the birth mother's parents.  Raised by greedy grandparents who never cared for their own daughter, least of all her children; Kare and Lizzie are lied to and treated horribly the remainder of their childhood years.

All the while, Amanda, the mother they had known as 3-year-olds, was in the wings keeping their best interests at heart and awaiting the day she would welcome them home.

Covenant Child is a reflection of the parable of the prodigal son and the choice we make between coming home to a loving Savior who frees us or remaining in the chains that hold us.

I've read a few of Terri Blackstock's books in the past, so I was happy to receive a free ebook copy of "Covenant Child" to review.  I'll continue to watch for titles by this author.

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