Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book Review: Noah by: Mark Ludy
What a fabulous wordless picture book for youngsters and adults alike!  Mark Ludy's artistry in Noah is beautiful.  When you can accurately recount the story of Noah through painted pictures, you know the artist worked diligently at creating an authentic storyline.  You don't miss the words and our young 4-year-old is able to tell us the story in such a sweet way.

This isn't one of those "Noah books" that shows cuddly animals popping their heads out of windows on a wee boat.  It illustrates the challenges of building this engineering marvel: the ark God gave dimensions to and had Noah build.  A Biblically accurate representation of this story of Noah is hard to find these days; even without words, this one does an excellent job.

Published by Plough, Mark Ludy's book is great book to add to your (child's) wishlist.  Mark Ludy has written or illustrated seven other books and is an accomplished artist.  He definitely knows how to create images that bring life to the story.

In addition to family enjoyment, this would be a great resource for Sunday School and AWANA Cubbies classes.