Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awesome Science - Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice (DVD)

This is the second DVD in the "Awesome Science" series and it is just as wonderful as the first.  The Awesome Science DVDs are a family production beginning with Noah (your guide) and his father (whose video talents have been displayed on National Geographic, ESPN, and the Outdoor Channel).  This homeschooling family has brought a much-needed Creation-based science series into our living room.

Whether your children are in Christian school, homeschooled, or in a public school, this is one of those resources you don't want to pass by.  Give your children (yourself!) the knowledge you need to defend your faith and the Biblical account of Creation.  Learn how and why features in Yellowstone didn't take tens of thousands of years of erosion to be created.

It's important to understand the significance of why your faith cannot be based on millions of years.  Death couldn't have existed before sin, but that is what evolution teaches.  Immerse yourself and your family in the Bible and Creation-based science resources and you will treasure that what God says is the absolute truth.  This is a wonderfully put together family-friendly video that you will be watching again and again.

There is a third Awesome Science DVD currently available as well - Explore Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest with Noah Justice.  It's on our to-buy list and we are all looking forward to future videos!

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