Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review: Max on Life - by Max Lucado

Max Lucado has always been a favourite author of mine.  Max on Life:  Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions is a collection of anecdotes taken from questions Mr. Lucado has received from people around the world.  He has compiled a wide range of topics into a single book; many day-to-day questions we often have, some more reflective of the purpose of life, and others stretching into the harder to answer ponderings of God-given minds.

Like all of Max’s books, this one makes you think and come to a greater understanding of human nature and God’s gift to each of us.  He writes in such a way that everyone alike would feel at home with him.  Max on Life is just that – Max (author, pastor, husband, father, son, friend) and his Biblical take on life.   I appreciate that, as an author, He comes from a pastoral role.  I imagine that Mr. Lucado talks in the same manner as he writes, making you feel like he could be visiting in your own living room.  

Max on Life is only different from most of his other books because he takes individuals’ pressing questions and gives us all the answers to their inquiries.

Therapy for the soul comes to mind when I think of Max Lucado and his books.

Review: The Final Summit - by Andy Andrews

Last year I read Andy Andrews' book The Heart Mender and couldn't put it down; it's one of those books that draws you in and keeps you there through the whole story. 

When Booksneeze sent me a copy of Mr. Andrews' recent book The Final Summit, I had high expectations.  While I can appreciate his style of writing, this was in a completely different category than the historical fiction/semi-true-story found in The Heart Mender.  If you like court room drama, you are sure to enjoy The Final Summit.

The Final Summit takes a gentleman named David Ponder into the spotlight amongst other significant historical figures.  They are given the task of answering the single question that has but one true answer to save humanity.  With only a limited number of guesses at the correct answer available, Andrews takes the reader through a thought-provoking process.  In the course of discussions between a mainly well-known cast of names, the reader is drawn into brief historical accounts that show how individual experiences are part of the whole solution.

Personally, I found the process a tad drawn out since the location of the entire book is within a single heavenly room resembling a lecture hall.  However, if the reader takes the potential solutions and ultimate answer to heart, imagine what could be done in this world!

I was unaware that this is a sequel to The Traveler's Gift, but don't believe I missed anything that would have affected how this book played out.  The Final Summit is a motivational book and judging by reviews of The Traveler's Gift, they are both in this same genre.  Years ago in college we were required to read one of  Zig Ziglar's motivational books; it nearly put me to sleep.  I would have much rather followed this story of David Ponder to glean similar knowledge.

Zoo Daze

Zoo Daze vs. Days for two reasons:

#1. Ahhh!  The Milwaukee Zoo is a beautifully put together zoo - many well-cared for animals, lots of trees, clean, and plenty of fun for the family.

#2. It was so hot the afternoons (high 90's) we spent there.  Haze...daze...same thing.   Fortunately, they had several indoor buildings and mist-sprayers scattered around the property so we could cool off!