Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Review: It Could Happen Tomorrow ~ Gary Frazier

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Mark 13:32

End times, world destruction, future events... These are the things movies are made of, right?  It's only natural that we are curious about what will happen in the future.  10 years, 100 years, tomorrow; we wonder about it all.  Differing worldviews give us altogether different perspectives on the end of the world.  Some would question the fact that you can know anything about the future beyond how each moment of each day unravels.

God has given us the history book of the universe in His Word, the Bible.  No history is all past history to God; He knows the beginning from the end.  We can trust that what He says will happen will indeed happen; it always has and always will.  Jesus promised to return; God's promises are never broken. 

Looking around should remind you of the days of Noah.  Everyone was doing what was right in their own eyes.  The only righteous man to be found was Noah and while God's invitation was for any/all to trust Him and board the vessel He had Noah build, it was only Noah's family who entered the ark.  Once God shut the door, that was it; there was no other opportunity for people to enter in.  Everyone left behind drowned.

Gary Frazier delves into Biblical prophecy of what is still to come in his book, It Could Happen Tomorrow.  God has already decided so we know there is a coming end to this world.  Based on Bible passages, I found it helpful to understand the context of what is happening in the world today compared with what was prophesied thousands of years before I was born. 

This book comes from the perspective that the Rapture (Jesus Himself taking up His followers to heaven; those living and the bodies of those who have previously died) will happen shortly before the 7 years of tribulation occur, or right at the start of the 7 years.  The difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ is discussed in detail; something I found insightful.  Going with the thought that at the beginning of the 7 years, all true believers will be removed from this world, the immediate absence of millions of Biblical Christians would be the catastrophic event that could throw events into motion that are difficult for us to imagine (ie. giving up freedoms we enjoy, Israel rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem where there is currently a Muslim mosque built on the temple mound, a one world leader, etc.).

Topics include: The Great Disappearing, America in Prophecy, Birth Order of the New World Order, Islamic Invasion of Israel, The Great Deceiver, Global Religion, Temple Rebuilt, The Mark, The Glorious Appearing

An easy and interesting read, I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to learn more about what to expect in the future and how Old Testament and New Testament prophesies mesh in the Bible.  I can't say with authority that every idea Mr. Frazier is spot-on but this book really makes you think and you can see how what is changing in the world today makes some of his ideas quite plausible.  I received a free copy from New Leaf Press to review but will gladly be passing it on to others to read.

Ever hear of Paul Harvey's, "...and now you know the rest of the story.."?  As a child, I remember his familiar voice on the radio.  My Dad is always one wanting to know the story behind the story.  He took a different view of the way prophecy is laid out and questioned that there would be a rapture of God's people before the 7 years of tribulation.  He has talked about differing points of view but what he told me a couple months ago was that what it comes down to is that Jesus IS coming back and all the signs in the Bible are coming into fruition for that grand event.  These days he says he isn't persuaded by either side of the discussion between A-millenialists, Pre-millenialists, etc.  He just trusts in the fact that God always keeps His promises and He knows where His future ultimately is. My Mom likes to say she is a Pan-millenialist as it "all pans out in the end."  I love her attitude!

Is learning and reading more about Biblical prophecy and end times events something we should shy away from?  God hasn't given us a spirit of fear (timidity); but of power, of love, and a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7  Read the God's Word (Bible) -- study what He says and hold His promises dear.

Are you ready to meet your Creator?  He knows the day each person is conceived and He knows the day your soul will leave this earth.  Will you be forever with the God who loved you enough to send His Son as an atonement for your sins?  God the Father is judge.  He doesn't want to punish us for our sin but as a fair judge, He must.  In His perfect plan and loving mercy, He sent His perfect son as the sacrifice who would cover the punishment due us for our sins.  We need to transfer the trust we have in ourselves to Jesus, the only One who can save us from an eternity apart from God.  No amount of "good deeds" you do on earth will get you into Heaven.  "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus who gave himself a ransom for all..." (1 Timothy 2:5,6)  I pray you will give your life to the Lord before the ark door closes and it is too late.

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