Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving to Kodiak, Alaska

Be sure to start reading at the beginning of our journey as we continue on our way to Alaska...

There was so much wildlife to enjoy as we departed Muncho Lake, British Columbia and headed towards Whitehorse, Yukon...

About half an hour to 45 minutes past Muncho Lake, BC, there is beautiful Liard Hot Springs.  It has been very well maintained in the nearly dozen years since we first came through.  With a cool morning, we made the mistake of telling our children that they could put their feet in the springs and then we would get back on the road... All I can say in hindsight is: It would be a looong walk back to your vehicle to grab your swimsuits so just BRING them with you.  There are change rooms at the springs.  You're there, so enjoy it!

Heading into Canada's Yukon ~ majestic mountains!

We arrived in Whitehorse and headed for Alaska the next morning.  We stayed at the Golden Bear Hotel in Tok and were very happy with the spacious room and reasonable price.  They have a restaurant there that doesn't look like much but the day we arrived a tour bus was coming.  We enjoyed a great home-cooked meal that was delicious and less than fast food would have cost!
We highly recommend this hotel, restaurant, and their friendly owners/staff.

 I could be mistaken but I think this is called Mica Glacier.  Zoomed in, we could see people walking on it.

Had a good laugh over this...

Beautiful mountains between Anchorage and Homer, Alaska

The kids loved seeing a "real volcano"!

 Made it to Homer ~ Just awaiting the our ferry to Kodiak...

There's our ferry!

Welcoming photos of Kodiak

Welcome to the next adventure!  We'll have a great time of it!

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