Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Beginner's Bible (app) ~ Zondervan

Zondervan recently release The Beginner's Bible as an iPad app.  This is a nicely put together app that is (currently) free.  It includes 6 free stories with corresponding puzzles, coloring pages, and games. 

Our 5-year-old daughter has the "Read and Share Bible" on our iPad; each story is purchased separately for $1.99.  This "Beginner's Bible" app comes with the free items mentioned above.  There is an in-app purchase available for 6 more stories, puzzles, coloring pages, and games; more reasonably priced than "Read and Share".  As time progresses, I'm sure Zondervan will continue to add new stories and activities.

The games are relatively easy for toddlers and a little too simple for our 5-year-old.  Our toddler loves Thomas the Train app-puzzles and took to these Bible story puzzles right away. Since our 5-year-old is learning to read, I like that the books have the read-to-me feature where words are highlighted.  She enjoys listening to Bible stories and the short-length stories are just the right amount of time to keep her 2-year-old brother interested in sitting with her. 

The stories themselves all come with interactive illustrations.  Our 2 youngest children both enjoy tapping on characters or objects to hear them makes sounds and/or move.  One thing that I like is that the reading continues and isn't disrupted by little fingers tapping on objects.  Some book-apps we have stop the reading-mode when something is tapped on.  Creators definitely had little children in mind when putting this app together.

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