Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: #9 The Imagination Station ~ Escape to the Hiding Place

Escape to the Hiding Place is the newest (#9) volume released in Adventure in Odyssey's "The Imagination Station" series of books, geared toward ages 7+.  Interlacing adventure, historical fiction, real people who lived during the time period, and extolling the virtues and promises of God makes for excellent reading material that children (and parents) will love.

In this book, Patrick and Beth find that the Imagination Station (which is like a time machine) has transported them to Holland...and not at a peaceful time.  They have arrived during World War II and are immediately thrown into a potentially dangerous situation; they are needed to help save a Jewish baby's life.  They learn that faith in God and relying on Him in any situation is what real courage is.  In the words of the book, Corrie Ten Boom states, "God doesn't always protect us from danger, but He's always with us when we face danger.  And that's enough."

Beyond fiction, this book brings world history and Godly peoples' lives into the forefront of the reader's thoughts.  What a great way to introduce the life of Corrie Ten Boom into your child's growing interests.  Corrie Ten Boom's family saved hundreds of peoples' lives during World War II, hiding them in a specially-built room in her house.  Fear of the Germans and all that could happen to them if caught didn't keep Corrie from doing what God wanted her to do.  That's one of the most important lessons your child will walk away with after reading Escape to the Hiding Place. 

I encourage your family to expound on this historical fiction book by reading Corrie Ten Boom's biography.  Bring the truth of God's love for us and hand on our lives into a more vivid light in your child's heart.

Thank you to Tyndale for giving us the opportunity to review this lovely book.  I plan to purchase more of this series and look forward to future books; great Christmas gift idea too!

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