Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Just In Case You Ever Wonder ~ Max Lucado

I've always enjoyed Max Lucado's writing style and, as a family, we have read many of his adult and children's books. Just In Case You Ever Wonder is written from the perspective of a parent sharing a deep love for their child(ren).  It's a conversational book that speaks to the inner workings of your child's mind and spirit.  Every child needs to be reminded often of just how special and loved they are, both through words and actions.  This book helps you express the words your heart desires to let you child know.

While I want to love this book, I rate it just about average in a list of favorites.  The book is fully illustrated with thoughtful pictures.  However, there are two pictures that are scary to a child who isn't accustomed to hearing about "monsters in the closet" or a fear of the dark.  Just those two pages/illustrations were enough to refocus our 5-year-old's mind onto the pictures instead of the message of the book.

We have owned this book for a few years.  We read it from time to time but it isn't a favorite.  I think it could be higher on my list of choice books if those two illustrations were altered and if reading it to our youngest children involved the omission of the monsters/afraid of the dark statements.

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