Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: The Big Book of History

What can I say about this neat book except you have to read it to appreciate it.  The Big Book of History is truly one of a kind and is made for kids.  Yes, we adults have been equally excited to get "our turn" to read through the pages of history as well.  There's just something fun about reading a 15-foot time-line, right from creation through modern history.  Folded accordian-style, you can keep the book compactly stored, open it up to individual time frames, or pull the whole thing across your living room floor.  The only challenge might be in keeping your toddler from thinking it's a road to walk on.

We already own Adams' Chart of History, which is very detailed and such an awesome book to see from beginning to end up on a wall. However, from a child's perspective, The Big Book of History is the perfect timeline to begin with.  We love this book and believe every family should own a copy.  There's something to be said for "seeing" a timeline of history on paper where you can view how dates for events, inventions, discoveries, etc. line up.  While it isn't intended to be a game, it feels like a version of trivial pursuit when our children (and us as their parents) find interesting facts to share with each other.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review from Master Books.  It is a book I will also be purchasing for gift-giving purposes.  We love it!

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