Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Book Review: Tower of Babel ~ The Cultural History of Our Ancestors (Bodie Hodge)

Master Books has never failed to disappoint in the books they publish.  Author, Bodie Hodge, takes the reader through impeccable research and Biblical truths that reveal the hand of God that moved people across the globe after mass disobedience on the plains of Shinar (which means "between two rivers").

Bodie Hodge details how the true history of the Tower of Babel is being attacked: evolution-based racism, mythological ideologies, and the reinterpretation of historical events into philosophical ideas.  Each attack is on the authenticity and authority of God's inspired Word and attempts to hold man's ideas higher than the almighty Creator God.

It's both fascinating and horrifying to read that the Tower of Babel began construction about 106 years after Noah's worldwide flood.  To think that God's grace saved Noah's family, yet their descendents went right back to the sinfulness of their forefathers; the very sin that destroyed them.  It reminds me that none of us are immune to sin and it's destruction on our lives and those around us.

Mr. Hodge expands on different areas that are quite interesting.  He discusses (in detail) the difference between the continental shift that occurred during Noah's flood and the splitting up of people into various new lands, the possible location of the Tower of Babel (Iraq), how much of the tower was built, Babel's purpose in being built, who tore it down in years to come, where languages came from, genealogies back to Noah's time, the ice age (which peaked about 400 years after Babel) and migration, where various families/groups moved/settled, extra-Biblical supports for the Tower of Babel/dispersion of our ancestors, why people now don't live as long as they did pre-flood, the origin of written languages, dispersion at Babel to gathering of saints at Pentecost (to spread the gospel message), the ancient book of Job, and much more highly informative research. 

If you have ever thought that the Tower of Babel is inconsequential to the world today or if you are the person who has always wanted to know more about Babel; I encourage you to read this book.  It is full of illustrations, maps, and easy-to-follow genealogies that will keep you interested from beginning to end.  I'll have to make time to read it again just to soak up all the information available.  It's a wealth of research and Biblical truths, confirmed by both the Bible and sources outside God's Word.

I received this book from New Leaf Publishing in exchange for my honest review.  I hope you will take the time to find/read Tower of Babel for yourself.  A review could never come close to revealing the depth of knowledge contained in these pages.

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