Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: Freefall to Fly (Rebekah Lyons)

Rebekah Lyons opens raw emotions to readers, exposing hopes, dreams, disappointments, and fears playing on her heart.  A smooth, quieting writing style makes her book more of a personal diary that relates to the unseen emotions, questions, and guilt that many women carry with them.  Rebekah's journey brought her through those moments when you can't even muster the strength to look ahead.  In slowly gaining ground to allow herself to freefall from her comfort zone and the safety of close friendships in Georgia, she discovered that God Himself was drawing her into a closer relationship with Him; one in which she was freed from expectations that bound her. 

While all of us leave different stories behind, my guess is that more women than we realize will relate to Rebekah's story.  For myself, it brought back the memories of anxiety attacks that hit after moving to a big city.  On a previous visit to Milwaukee I was thrilled to drive the twists and turns of the freeways to find the way to the Childrens' Museum while my husband was taking a weekend class.  Moving there was a different story; I felt confined to our house and fear overtook any desire I would have to drive anywhere.  Grocery trips had to wait until my husband came home from work so he could take us to the store.  The seemingly  millions of roads, highways, and massive amount of people in one location was stifling.  I was anxious about our unsold house that was left behind, resentful of the very act of relocating to somewhere I didn't want to be,.... The list was endless.  The first anxiety attack in front of my children was frightening and something that caught me offguard.  I thought I was so good at hiding my emotions...until that moment.  It was a long climb out but God graciously stood by my side and drew me closer.  (...that story for another day...)

I hope women will find Rebekah's book to be encouraging, motivating, and freeing as they read through the pages.  I hope women will open their Bibles and seek God's Word daily, claiming His promises as their own.  Reach out to those around you who haven't heard the Gospel message because if you don't tell them, who will?  Pray, Read, and Fly.  God WILL bless!

This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review...and I really enjoyed it!

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