Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review ~ The True Account of Adam & Eve

If you are looking for an accurate Biblical account of Adam & Eve for your children, look no further.  Beautifully illustrated by Bill Looney and written by Ken Ham, this book is one that should be kept at arm's reach.  Of this 64-page book, the fabulous 38" fold-out section in the middle of the book makes if difficult to keep reading; you just want to snuggle with your children as you search out every inch of the panoramic views of the earth before and after the fall of man.

Jesus coming to save us from our sins means nothing to a world that doesn't know the history of mankind from God's creation of the world.  The True Account of Adam & Eve briefly addresses the first 5 days of creation, then heads into the crux of the story: Adam & Eve, the first two humans.

The unfounded theory of evolution is taught as fact in nearly every secular institution around the world.  By virtue of necessity, evolution would brand the story of Creation at God's hands and the creation of man and woman little more than fairy tales.  However.....

God is truthful.  God's Word is truthful, infallible, historically and archaeologically accurate; it has never failed and never will.  Knowing the true account of how sin came into the world is of utmost importance.  Otherwise, how will people understand the significance of God loving us beyond comprehension to send His sinless Son into the world to free us from the eternal penalty for our sins? 

I love that this book begins with Bible passages to read with your family.  It's not just any story; it's the story of our great, great, great, great, great, great, great,.....etc. grandparents.  Ken Ham also brings up questions that tackle why things are so messed up in the world today, why God instituted marriage between one man and one woman, why fossils aren't a result of millions of years, why sin is such a big deal, and why we look forward to a time when there will be "no more curse."

Delve into this book with your children.  It's the story that brings life out of death.  It's a story to have on their minds as they fall asleep.  It's the story to read and study further when they are alert during the day.  Encourage them to ask questions, dig into God's Word, and wrap everything in you around the fact that God didn't allow Adam & Even to live a hopeless existence after their fall into sin.  He provided the ultimate rescue for those who would seek Him with all their heart; the only way to spend eternity in close relationship with the One who loves us more than any other ever could.

I was happy to review this book for New Leaf Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.  The True Account of Adam & Eve was published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing.

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