Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Review ~ The Genius of Ancient Man (Don Landis & Jackson Hole Bible College)

Evolution's nightmare, indeed.  Jackson Hole Bible College and Don Landis have put together an engaging book that exposes the evolutionary discrepancies regarding ancient man.  At over 100 pages, this hardcover book offers fabulous photographs/illustrations and is full of indisputable facts.

Evolution basically brings man from slime through animalistic behavior (and form) to a "highly intelligent" version of man by modern standards.  God's creation of man is that of an originally-perfect human with great intelligence and the ability to gain/apply knowledge.  After sin, the perfection was broken; death entered the world and life itself became difficult.

The Genius of Ancient Man is a book that should be handed out alongside school textbooks that teach evolution as "fact" versus "theory".

As pointed out in the book, "every person has a bias, whether they realize it or not; an assumption that influences everything they believe to be true."  The starting point of this book is that God is the living, eternal Creator of all; the Bible and God are Truth.  For someone who disagrees with this standpoint and considers tuning out, I would highly recommend taking the time to read this book to find out if your disagreements are legitimate or unfounded.

Important to take note of this fact:  God is the ultimate Creator of all.  Satan cannot create anything; he can only distort and pervert God's creation into something it wasn't intended to be.

As detailed throughout The Genius of Ancient Man, there is much that men and women accomplished and studied thousands of years ago that we don't understand today.  Many ancient people groups had knowledge that we simply (no pun intended) don't have access to today.  Their vast knowledge is displayed through elaborate building projects, artistic styles, structural celestial alignments, and in the very fact that they lived globally.  Ancient man understood far more than evolution gives him/her/them credit for!

This book condenses information shared by ancient cultures from around the world into fact-packed chapters.  When worldwide commonalities are laid out end-to-end, it's difficult (impossible?) to refute the astounding discoveries found around the globe.  Such commonalities between people groups living in many different areas on Earth attest to there being a common background between all; said background being traced back to Babel.  The Genius of Man goes into detail regarding similar building styles (including recreations of the tower of Babel), twisted but similar stories regarding a worldwide flood and creation itself, common distortions of Biblical symbols, shared interest in celestial movements/meanings of celestial bodies, and the parallels that echo God's plan for humankind that have been counterfeited by Satan.

Written and illustrated in layman's terms, this is a book that you could easily read through in a day or two....then come back to read again to sponge up even more information.  I love that it's an oversized hardcover book that is equally intended for adults and children of about 10-years-old and up.  Our 8-year-old son loves to read/listen to books like this. I love that even at a young age, he is giving reasons for why certain evolutionary events couldn't have happened, and backing up his reasons with facts he has gleaned from various AIG scientific evidences.  These are the books we need to share with our children!

I was happy to review this book for New Leaf Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion. The Genius of Ancient Man ~ Evolution's Nightmare was published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing.

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