Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Review: This Thing of Ours ~ Cammy Franzese

This Thing of Ours - How Faith Saved My Mafia Marriage is possibly the least likely book to draw my attention.  While I savour reading, I know very little about the mob and had never heard of Michael Franzese.  Coming to this book without a desire to read all the ins-and-outs of the mob from the wife's perspective is possibly why I ended up enjoying it.  Some reviewers have been disappointed but it seems that some of them were looking for more of the secrecy and thrill of living a hunted existence.

It's hard to comprehend that Cammy dated and married such a powerfully-connected and extremely wealthy man without taking a step back to examine where all the power and money came from.  However, she was young, had come from a home where her father was lacking in many areas, and I'm sure all the glamour of the lifestyle she found herself in easily swept her along. 

Cammy is continually reminding her readers that our choices shape what our lives become.  That's the primary reason she stayed with her husband through his two 4-year prison stints.  Sadly, her commitment to marriage isn't the norm in society today but what a breath of fresh air to read a story where a woman remained committed to her marriage when she could have walked out on Michael.

I was also encouraged by the words of wisdom Cammy shared about her mother's commitment to the Lord and how she exemplified that in her life and marriage.  If you are struggling in your marriage and wonder what your purpose is, I recommend this book.  It isn't a this-is-what-you-do manual, but it is a resource; two women who stayed with their husbands when the world told them they should leave.

Apparently, Michael Franzese was saved prior to his second incarceration but that wasn't made clear until later in Cammy's book.  It can only add to Cammy's book to read Michael's history; I plan to look into his books soon too.

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