Sunday, January 22, 2012

Book Review: (AB4T) Answers Book For Teens ~ Bodie Hodge,Tommy Mitchell, Ken Ham

Geared toward teens, the Answers Book For Teens is an excellent resource for any searching soul; one seeking out God and the other looking for Biblical answers to defend our faith.

At only 95 pages, this is an easy one-day read; a wealth of Biblically based wisdom.  I felt it was very well put together and the 15 questions are applicable to the questions many people have today.  Bible references are included in every answer and give the reader confidence to boldly stand on the Scriptures in defense of the authority and complete accuracy of God's Word.

Questions raised include the following topics (my paraphrasing):  Believing in the Bible vs Evolution, Pain/Suffering/Natural Disasters, Age of the Earth, Evidence of Creationists vs Evolutionists, Knowing if God Exists, Punishment Since Adam's Sin, Reason for Noah's Flood, Population of the World From Two People, Are There Different Races, What the Bible Has to Say About Sex, Homosexuality, Are God and the Bible Illegal in School, The Only Way to God, Dinosaurs/Dragons, and Why God Would Want to Save Me Regardless of What I've Done.

In a world where so many people believe that "sin" for one person may be perfectly fine for another, this is the type of book that exposes the lies Satan tries to instill in our hearts.  If anyone hears something often enough, they are bound to start believing it if they don't have the Ultimate Truth to stand on.  Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell, and Ken Ham have put their life's passion into this book, reaching out to this promising generation.  Our teenagers today are the next generation of law makers, parents, educators, missionaries, government, business owners, workers, caretakers, social agenda promoters, and those who will choose to share God's plan of Salvation with others...or not.

In addition to being a resource for your teenager, this is a great conversation starter.  Read the book first (you'll enjoy it too), then give it to your teen to read.  Talk to them about it, question them about it and about their thoughts on each subject, read God's Word together, and spend time in prayer together.  If this is something new for you, use this as a beginning to keep communication open.  If your child is in a public high school, they are being taught evolution and secular humanism (there is no God, only natural/material things; nothing supernatural).  If you are a homeschooling family, don't become lax in your dedication to teach them how to defend their faith.  AB4T is a resource you won't want to miss out on.

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