Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Review: Thank You, God, For Blessing Me ~ Max Lucado

I recently downloaded Max Lucado's book, Thank You, God, For Blessing Me to our iPod.  A Read-to-Me "Little Hermie" book, this was designed for the youngest Hermie-lovers and I expect it comes in a board book format for those little listeners/book handlers. 

Our children all love Hermie books and DVDs.  Our 4-year-old enjoys and asks for this book to be read to her at bedtime.  Our older boys think its more of a novelty to read books on the iPod so will page through it...but not request it again.  However, it isn't in the same age-range of books they typically read.  Going by the age it was meant for, this is a cute story with simple illustrations.

Hermie is thanking God for all the ways He blesses his wee caterpillar life.  Our one-year-old is just getting into wanting to sit and read books with the family.  This is the type of book I will enjoy sharing with him - a book that encourages us to give thanks in everything.

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