Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Review: Hermie - A Common Caterpillar, By: Max Lucado

Hermie is one of our favourite positive-character-trait-building cartoon characters.  This easy reader book is based on the original Hermie video and follows the story quite well. 

I found it to be longer than the average "early reader" book so depending on your child's reading ability, this may or may not be a book that can be read in one sitting.  Of course, it is an enjoyable story just to read aloud to young ones as well.

This is the first e-book I have read, so that in itself was something to be learned.  I was hoping to read it on our laptop and iPod with our youngest children but ran into some difficulties after downloading the book; how to do it?  It turned out to be quite simple.  On the iPod, there is a free app called iBooks that can be downloaded on iTunes.  Once downloaded, you just open your book in iBooks.  On a computer, you can download Adobe Digital Editions for free and open up your book to read. 

I'm looking forward to downloading more digital books - great for long car rides and I won't have to pack as many books; just the laptop or iPod.  My brother's family makes good use of an iPad with many digital books to occupy little hands.  I'll be recommending Hermie to them as well!

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