Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book Review: Crossing the Waters ~ Leslie Leyland Fields

Leslie Fields has woven her demanding (yet rewarding) Alaskan life on a remote island as a story within a story. It's a personal journey; both memoir and challenge to Christians. Leslie walks around the Sea of Galilea visiting significant places that Jesus traveled to during the course of His earthly ministry. She engages with various people along the way and takes the reader back into the Gospels, to the time Jesus walked the shores of Galilea or sailed on its waters.

When Jesus called to the disciples, "Come, follow Me," what exactly did that cost them? What does it cost us today? What should it cost us today? Life is often difficult and there are situations/people/jobs we really don't want to face, but what is God calling us to? Follow Leslie's journey to gain insight into the costs, raw struggles and rewards of what it means to be true 'fishers of men.'

There is a study guide included at the end of the book, making it a great option for a group study. A short introduction and discussion questions lead the reader/group participants back to Scripture.

Even though I received this book in exchange for a review (from Tyndale), I am already looking for other books that Leslie Fields has written. I enjoyed and felt challenged by Leslie's words. Her writing style was also quite delightful and the transitions between times/places flowed easily. It's one of those books that is difficult to put down.

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