Saturday, February 26, 2011

Planning for the 2011-2012 Homeschool Year

It's coming up on that time again to plan around used curriculum sales and free shipping specials. 

Homeschooling next year will consist of grades 4, 2, and Kindergarten.  There isn't much I plan to change but I love hearing about what other homeschooling families use for their studies.  That's what is both so great and challenging about choosing your own curriculum: there is so much to choose from!

We'll definately be buying from (Language 2 & 4, Letters & Spelling 2, Cursive 2, Arithmetic 2 & 4, and possibly Spelling for each grade).  Last year, I made the mistake of ordering a couple weeks shy of a "free shipping" promotion they offer in the spring.  Since I wasn't aware of that annual sale, I'm waiting to receive an email informing me of the free shipping dates for this year.  It should be soon.

We already have a My Father's World set of books to take us on a historical and geographical journey around the world.  I was excited about beginning this series in Fall 2010 but packing a household with a wee baby and moving to a new place had me prioritizing what I could and had to do.  It's now February and we are basically unpacked.  The past 2 months have given me time to normalize myself/ourselves into a new routine.  The MFW books were unpacked and have pleaded with me to pull them off the shelves at least a few times a week.  I want to!  However, I think we'll stick with the first Story of the World book and CD for now.  It feels like we are still playing "catch up" for all the down time in the packing, moving, temporarily no home, and moving into a new home hours away.

Real Science 4 Kids is a curriculum we have been having hands-on fun with these past few months.  Our older two sons are always wanting to concoct some type of  "experiment" so this is right up their ally.  The only thing I would have changed in my approach to the first book (Pre-Level 1 Chemistry) we are almost done is that I should have gone through the "materials you need" list for the entire book and purchased them all at once.  Instead, I have purchased materials needed in groups of about 3 lessons and it's a nuisance to have to look for these items at the store every few shopping trips.

We absolutely love Apologia's science curriculum, especially since it reflects the truths of the Bible in the design of our created world.  I bought a few different books with their related journals through when they were on sale last year.  (*Sign up at to be made aware of their various homeschool curriculum sales.)  So far, the only one we have used is Exploring Creation Through Astronomy; we all love/loved it!  I recommend purchasing the notebooking journals that are available separate from the textbooks as they contain additional ideas for hands-on projects.

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